Jakarta, 10 December 2021 – On the occasion of Human Rights Day 2021, the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Indonesia, the Alliance of Independent Journalists Alliance (AJI) and TIFA Foundation announced today the five winners of the EU4Wartawan 2021 Journalistic Writing Competition. The winners were recognised for their quality journalism work, addressing the theme of the competition: The Impacts of
Digital Technology on Human Rights.

The five winning articles are:

  1. “Para Pahlawan bagi Korban Perundungan Seksual Online” / Heroes for Online Sexual Bullying Victims (published on 28 November 2021), by Gangsar Parikesit, from Koran Tempo
  2. “Tongkat Brilian Teknologi Kesehatan yang Mempermudah Mobilitas Penyandang Difabel” / A Brilliant Stick Health Technology that Facilitates the Mobility of People with Disabilities (published on 27 November 2021), by Huyogo Simbolon, from Liputan6.com
  3. “Liku-liku teknologi dan pemenuhan HAM Pelajar Disabilitas” / Technological twists and fulfillment of the human rights of students with disabilities (published on 22 November 2021), by Ilham Pratama Putra, from Medcom.id
  4. Citra Polri di Pusaran Perang Tagar” / The Image of the Police in the Tagar War Maelstrom (published on 30 Oktober 2021), by Kurnia Yunita Rahayu, from Kompas
  5. “Mengenali Dilema Pengenalan Wajah”/ Recognizing the Facial Recognition Dilemma (published on 5 November 2021), by Satrio Pangarso Wisanggeni, from Kompas

The EU Ambassador to Indonesia, H.E Vincent Piket said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the digital landscape, accelerating our digital transition. Digital technology has become even more inseparable from our daily lives, offering powerful tools and solutions. But there are also downsides, and some technological applications raise concerns about their impact on basic human rights. Threats like doxing and data forgery typically target vulnerable groups including human rights defenders, whistle-blowers, and even journalists.”

“Journalists play a key role in highlighting such societal developments. The EU hopes that the EU4Wartawan Award will encourage and contribute to high-quality human rights journalism in Indonesia. Through EU4Wartawan, we also hope that the journalistic work would raise public awareness and stimulate all of us to reflect on how we can mitigate risks to democracy and to human rights that can arise from the digital technology,” added Ambassador Piket.

“The EU continuously strives to minimize these threats, one of which is by developing a data protection system, namely the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to protect and safeguard the privacy data of each individual. We hope that the journalists’ writings can trigger all parties to improve policies, take action against discrimination and ensure the fulfillment of human rights that arise as a result of digital technology,” Ambassador Piketadded.

The jury representing AJI Indonesia M. Irham said, “The media faces many challenges, especially the massive technological developments that are contrary to human rights. Hopefully the obstacles for journalists in carrying out their journalistic duties can be an inspiration, concern and consideration for policy makers in taking concrete actions to provide protection for vulnerable groups, especially journalists.”

Endy Bayuni, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the TIFA Foundation, said that violence, intimidation and threats against journalists continue to occur, thereby hampering the creation of an independent and safe media life. “On behalf of the jury, we congratulate our fellow journalists who won the EU4 Journalists 2021 competition. Continue to work as the eyes, ears and mouth of the public and voice various gaps and fight for human rights,” he concluded.

The jury panel selected the five winners from a total of 70 entries from across Indonesia. The jury panel comprised M. Irfan, Member of Data and Information Section of AJI; Mr Endy Bayuni, Board Member of TIFA Foundation; and Mrs Saiti Gusrini, Program Manager for Human Right and Democracy of the EU Delegation to Indonesia.

The five winners of the EU4Wartawan 2021 will be entitled to participate in an online professional journalistic training organised by RNTC – an international training centre
managed by RNW Media and based in the Netherland – in January 2022.